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Anita Green Yoga
Eden Way, Eden Park

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Based in Beckenham and West Wickham, Anita Green Yoga offers professional yoga tuition to clients in the local area. Daytime and evening classes are available. The classes are small group mixed ability classes which provide clients with professional tuition in a safe and calm environment. Individual tuition and yoga therapy is also available by appointment. Yoga tuition can also be provided to local businesses and schools in their own premises.
Learning yoga from an experienced professional teacher allows clients to experience the benefits of yoga by practising safely and within their own limits. The regular practise of yoga brings about a general sense of well being, it improves physical fitness by strengthening, toning and increasing flexibility. It decreases stress levels by helping to relax and calm the individual.

Anita Green is an experienced, fully qualified and accredited yoga teacher with The British Wheel of Yoga and an experienced, fully qualified and accredited yoga therapist with The Yoga Biomedical Trust. She teaches Hatha Yoga with a Scaravelli inspired approach. It is a gentle flowing style of yoga which works with the breath and gravity to work the body strongly without force or harm. She has been teaching since 1995 and has a wide range of experience from teaching general yoga classes in yoga centres, health centres, schools, corporations and private classes. She also teaches remedial yoga on an individual basis and to small groups.

Anita Green offers small group mixed ability Hatha Yoga classes with a Scaravelli inspired approach. It is a gentle approach, following the principle of non-harm, working with the breath and gravity to release tensions in body and mind. This in turn strengthens and tones the body and develops an increased awareness of oneself promoting well being.

The classes are mixed ability classes allowing everyone to work at their own level. Being small group classes everyone receives any necessary individual attention. The classes are 90 minutes long and consist of physical exercises as well as breathing, relaxation and concentration exercises. The benefits of yoga practise are: 1) strengthening and toning the body, 2) increasing flexibility and mobility, 3) focusing and calming the mind.

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AnitaGreenYoga AutumnTerm Yoga Classes
AnitaGreenYoga AutumnTerm Yoga Classes

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12 Jan 2012
I really loved Anita's class. The room was warm and comfortable and Anita tailored the class to my needs and experience level. My flexibility has improved enormously since I have been going to her classes and I would definitely recommend her.
Last Updated : 28 Jun 2014